Experts discuss RA pathogenesis

Introducing the JAK-STAT pathway

Discusses the immune system as a complex network which relies on cytokines to respond to pathogens. Highlights the role of JAK-dependent cytokines in various processes associated with RA pathogenesis.

The role of cytokines in the JAK-STAT pathway

Details JAK-mediated cytokine signalling and highlights key cytokines associated with RA (IL-6, IL-21, GM-CSF) and their role in disease pathogenesis.

Regulation of the immune response by the JAK family proteins

Introduces the Janus kinase family of proteins (JAK1, JAK2, JAK3 and TYK2) and details the structural similarities between JAK family proteins. Differences in immunological function between JAK family proteins are discussed.

Cytokines and JAK family proteins work together to mediate specific cell responses

Introduces the unique cytokine profiles of the JAK proteins. Discusses the selective association of certain JAK pairs with cytokine receptors and explains their distinct roles in RA pathogenesis.

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